If your Tilt & Turn door is difficult to shut or lock, it may just need servicing & adjustment. We can carry this out and make it work perfectly.

Difficult to shut or lock?

If you can not lock your Tilt & Turn door it could be the mechanism that is damaged or broken. We can replace any parts and make the door as it should.

Can not lock?

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If you can not unlock or open your Tilt & Turn door or it is jammed shut. We can open the door and replace any broken parts and make them door work like new !

Jammed / Can not open?

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If your Door is letting in water we attempt to identify the cause of the leak and if possible repair the window. We always advise if a guaranteed repair is not possible.  

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If your Door drafty and letting in cold air or has gaps around the edge, we can replace the faulty parts and make it seal correctly and reduce the draft.

Drafty or not sealing

Noisy when closed

Letting in water

If your Door is noisy and or has gaps around the edge, we can repair this. We can replace the faulty parts and make it seal and work like new.

We can repair any Tilt & Turn Door

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